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Last Updated 03/10/2018


"Tasks":  Refers to the qualifying questions which need to be answered to be eligible to participate in the Contest

"Contest": The entire process including all elements, rounds, tasks, activities, Grand Finale that are being governed by the Rules and Regulations as mentioned below from the time of advertising / registration till disbursement of prize to the identified Winner.

  • The products are listed in groups for the Contestants to participate. Each group may vary in numbers.
  • They may contain 5, 10, 25 and 50 Contestants in a single group based on the pricing of the deals.
  • All slots must be filled before the winner is announced.
  • For increasing the chances to win, all Contestants can use multiple slots in a single group.
  • The winners will be selected in random manner by an automated method.
  • For increasing the chances to win, all Contestants can use multiple slots in a single group.
  • Any request for cancellation of your participation in the contests will not be entertained once participated.
  • Specific colors, models, variants and features of the guaranteed product winning contest are subject to change depending on availability of the stock with the manufacturer. In case of unavailability of stock, you will be informed about it & will be given similar valued alternate products.
  • The Products may be covered by a guarantee/warranty as per the manufacturer of the product. Any warranty/guarantee claims will need to be taken up directly with the manufacturer, Canbmine Private Limited.
  • Canbmine Pvt. Ltd Shall not is liable for any claims made on this account and shall not replace any products etc.
  • The names of winners once finalized shall not be eliminated from the subsequent contests participated by him/her.
  • You hereby agree and understand that the maximum liability of Canbmine would be to return your Lost Deal amount with deducted service charges.
  • Winners cannot claim cash in exchange of any of the products won by them.
  • The draw for the Mega Bumper contest will take place at the end of the offer period
  • Winners of the contest will be informed in the winner’s section of canbmine.com website and will also be individually contacted through mail and message and also be updated in his/her Dashboard.
  • The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes.
  • Employees (and/relatives) of Canbmine Limited, its divisions and associate companies, sponsors and their relatives are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  • If you are interested to participate without subscribing, please make sure to unsubscribe in your dashboard/settings.
  • Games include a description of the rules for the game. By participating in any of the games you agree you are familiar with the rules of that game and Canbmine.com. Cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding on your part.
  • This offer is based on stock availability. Rates & offer valid in India only.

"Participants”: All members paying for a contest to win prizes or products, Participants can either win or win back store credits for the contest money spent by them.

"Registrant(s)”: Any person(s) who registers for the Contest and who

  • Is above eighteen (18) years of age
  • Is a citizen of India residing in India.

"Contestant”: The Registrant(s) who has registered himself on the site and is performing the tasks to be eligible for the Participation. Any person(s) who registers and completes the tasks and who is above eighteen (18) years of age. Is a citizen of India residing in India and (iii) enters the Contest in accordance with the Rules & Regulations stated below.

"Selection Process” : The winner shall be selected after the Contest group is filled with desired number of members required. Groups/Contest/Offer shall be as follows

  • Groups/Contest/Offer 01: Five (05) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
  • Groups/Contest/Offer 02: Ten (10) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
  • Groups/Contest/Offer 03: Twenty-Five (25) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
  • Groups/Contest/Offer 04: Fifty (50) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
  • Similarly, Groups/Contest/Offer will range in different number of people required.

Once the group is filled, the system will randomly select a lucky winner which is in no way controlled by Canbmine.com. The selection process is done in a different algorithm every time the winner selection process in executed to ensure fair play and trust towards Canbmine.com by the contestants.

Future implementation "Vote to finish”: Means that part of the Winner selection where members vote each other apart from voting themselves, the winner is selected either with higher votes or even lower votes, before each contest it will be revealed. Members getting voted will not be able to see how many votes they have received by others. This is to ensure fair play an avoid Contestants not voting to Contestants who have chances to win.

"Redemption of Points": The Contestant can redeem the points earned through the Contest as cashback or referral bonus in the following two ways:

To redeem,visit canbmine.com/User/MyDashboard/BuyProducts

These points can be used up to a period of 1 year from date of issue. Points, once redeemed, will reflect on Contestant’s account dashboard, Store credit Points can only be used to purchase from Contestant Dashboard Store made on www.Canbmine.com. Once redeemed against the products, the points cannot be refunded to the Contestants account.

Click here to read the detailed terms and conditions
Every product in the contest might have one or more deals. Each deal will require certain number of members. for eg. 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 members. When you like a product you can see all the deals available in that product and choose to join in that group by paying the content money. Once the group is filled with all members the winner will be randomly selected by the sytem and will be announced to all members of that group in a text message and an email. At all times the members of the contest can see who the other members are to make sure there is 100% transparency and trust towards canbmine.com
Yes, it is necessary to log into your canbmine.com account to shop. Shopping as a  logged-in user is fast & convenient and also provides extra security. You will  have access to a personalised shopping experience including recommendations and quicker check-out. 
No you cannot cancel your orders under Canbmine
We support the following payment options at canbmine.com
Net Banking, Verified By Visa Master Card,  Credit Card and  Paytm Money
We strive to deliver products purchased from Canbmine.com in excellent condition and in the fastest time possible. Shipping will be completely FREE.
Store credit is a refund system to return money paid by user to participate in a contest and if he/she loses the contest, The refund as described by Canbmine.com time to time will be given back to the customer.
Every members who participates in a product contest holds a position in that group to be an eligible winner if unfortunately he/she loses the contest, The entire contest money spent by an contestant will be refunded back to that members store credits, in canbmine.com so he/she can redeem credit points and buy products available in User/Mydashboard/BuyProducts section of canbmine.com
No you cannot return your orders under Canbmine To return a product to Canbmine, please follow these steps: 1. Record a video before opening the parcel to claim a return if you believe it might be damaged. 2. Mail us about the issue, we will get in touch with you and resolve it.
We support the following payment options at Canbmine.com : Credit Card Debit Card Net banking Paytm Money
Please tap on "Track My Orders” section under User Dashboard of App/Website/M- site to check your order status.
No you cannot use your store credits points on contests and deals because it might go on loops again and again without a logical closure until a contestant wins, So a user can only claim their store credits in My Dashboar/Buy products section to directly buy products againt their cashback points.
No, you cannot exchange products purchased from
Please retry making the payment after ensuring that the information entered is accurate, including all account details, billing addresses and passwords. If your payment is debited from your account after a payment failure, it will be credited back within 7-10 days, after we receive a confirmation from the bank.
Enter your area PIN code in the respective field to get the required information about standard order delivery time and availability. The PIN codes serviced by us are frequently updated, so if we do not deliver to your PIN code today, please come back and check to see if this has changed. If you are from a remote place where courier service is a challenge you can contact our helpdesk and find out if we deliver to your pincode before partipating in contest or buying any products using store credits.
All points offered by company time to time will be added in the users store credits, which can be used againt buying products available for users to claim their store credits in MyDashboar/Buy products section.
All orders placed on Canbmine.com are dispatched through through other courier partners such as Shiprocket, Delhivery and Professional Etc.
Yes you can buy a product more than your available store credit by paying the difference amount.
Following rules will govern whether or not additional GST will be applicable on the products purchased by you: GST applicability: For a product, if the fulfillment is done on or after July 1st, 2017 and total discount percentage is more than 19% of MRP, then GST may be collected from customer in addition to product price, post discounts. The discounts include those resulting from special offers such as Buy 1 Get 1 and similar offers. GST amount: If applicable, the amount of GST collected from customer depends on category Apparel/Clothing: Max 12% of net payable (MRP - product discount - coupon discount) will be collected from the customer. Footwear: Max 18% of net payable (MRP - product discount - coupon discount) will be collected from the customer. Home Furnishing: Min. 5% - Max. 28% of net payable (MRP - product discount - coupon discount) will be collected from the customer. Accessories/Other Categories: Max 28% of net payable (MRP - product discount - coupon discount) will be collected from the customer. The amount of GST shown at the cart level is a mere estimate. The actual GST payable shall be determined basis the warehouse (based on availability of the products) from where the goods are being shipped, which will be checked once the order is placed. Only in case of GST being lower than the estimate GST (based on the warehouse from where the goods would be shipped), the customer would be notified of the same and any additional GST paid by the customer would be duly refunded to the customer.
No. At this point, Canbmine.com delivers products only within India.
Sorry, currently we do not have any service available to expedite the order delivery. In future, if we are offering such service and your area pincode is serviceable, you will receive a communication from our end.