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You just need to pay a small contest amount for the product you like to win among 10, 25 or 50 members and keep your fingers crossed to become that one lucky winner. while we ensure free shipping and GST is included on all products across the store on almost everything. The winner receives product delivered to his doorstep with no additional or hidden costs at all.

While the unlucky contestants need not worry ! They get cash back of the contest money they spent as store credits based on their scores in their games. You can buy products from your store credit directly using points and buy any product of you like from the redeem store or use it and join another new contest.We offer a WIN - WIN situation.


" Tasks ” :  Refers to the qualifying questions which need to be answered to be eligible to participate in the Contest.
" Contest ” :  The entire process including all elements, rounds, tasks, activities, Grand Finale that are being governed by the Rules and Regulations as mentioned below from the time of advertising / registration till disbursement of prize to the identified Winner.
"Participants”: All members paying for a contest to win prizes or products, Participants can either win or win back store credits for the contest money spent by them."Registrant(s)”: Any person(s) who registers for the Contest and whoIs above eighteen (18) years of ageIs a citizen of India residing in India."Contestant”: The Registrant(s) who has registered himself on the site and is performing the tasks to be eligible for the Participation. Any person(s) who registers and completes the tasks and who is above eighteen (18) years of age. Is a citizen of India residing in India and (iii) enters the Contest in accordance with the Rules & Regulations stated below.
"Selection Process” : All slots must be filled before the winner is announced. For increasing the chances to win, all Contestants can buy additional game chances and improve their score to be a winner. The winners will be the contestant who has solved his/her puzzle game in less time than other members in that contest and the same will be announced via sms and email by an automated method.

Groups/Contest/Offer shall be as follows

Groups/Contest/Offer 01: Five (05) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
Groups/Contest/Offer 02: Ten (10) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
Groups/Contest/Offer 03: Twenty-Five (25) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.
Groups/Contest/Offer 04: Fifty (50) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.

Similarly, Groups/Contest/Offer will range in different number of people required.Once the group is filled, the system will randomly select a lucky winner which is in no way controlled by The selection process is done in a different algorithm every time the winner selection process in executed to ensure fair play and trust towards by the contestants. The products are listed in groups for the Contestants to participate. Each group may vary in numbers.They may contain 5, 10, 25 and 50 Contestants in a single group based on the pricing of the deals.All slots must be filled before the winner is announced.

The winners will be selected in random manner by an automated method.For increasing the chances to win, all Contestants can use multiple slots in a single group.

Any request for cancellation of your participation in the contests will not be entertained once participated.Specific colors, models, variants and features of the guaranteed product winning contest are subject to change depending on availability of the stock with the manufacturer. In case of unavailability of stock, you will be informed about it & will be given similar valued alternate products.

The Products may be covered by a guarantee/warranty as per the manufacturer of the product. Any warranty/guarantee claims will need to be taken up directly with the manufacturer.

Canbmine Pvt. Ltd Shall not is liable for any claims made on this account and shall not replace any products etc.The names of winners once finalized shall not be eliminated from the subsequent contests participated by him/her.You hereby agree and understand that the maximum liability of Canbmine would be to return your Lost Deal amount with deducted service charges.

Winners cannot claim cash in exchange of any of the products won by them.

Winners of the contest will be informed in the winner’s section of website and will also be individually contacted through mail and message and also be updated in his/her Dashboard.

The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes.

"Redemption of Points”: The Contestant can redeem the points earned through the Contest as cashback or referral bonus in the following ways:To redeem,visit
These points can be used up to a period of 1 year from date of issue. Points, once redeemed, will reflect on Contestant’s account dashboard, Store credit Points can only be used to purchase from Contestant Dashboard Store made on

Once redeemed against the products, the points cannot be refunded to the Contestants account."Rules and Regulations”: These Rules and Regulations governing the Contest, stated herein in entirety, as may be amended from time to time.

"Winner”:The Contestant who wins the prize or product.By registering in any of the above manners and participating in the Contest, participants acknowledge that they have agreed to be bound by these Rules and Regulations.The Contest is open to adult citizens of India, i.e. only those Indian citizens who are at least 18 years of age as of date of registration.

The citizen should also be of sound health and mind. Persons must enter the Contest on their own behalf. Entries by proxy will not be accepted, even on behalf of family members. Persons below the age of eighteen (18) years are required to seek permission or consent from their parents or legal guardians before furnishing data, participating or entering on the website or inter alia, in the contest.Jurisdiction and Applicable Law:

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws applicable in the India, and more particularly the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Chennai. Any dispute between the Contestant and the Company would be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation act 1996 and the same should be resolved by appointment of a Sole Arbitrator by the Company and the decision of the Arbitrator is final and binding.Changes to these Terms and Conditions: We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. These Terms and Conditions were recently updated on 06-December -2018 Every time you order a service from us, the terms and conditions in force at the time of your order will apply to the contract between you and us. CONTACT US:Any questions or clarifications with respect to this Policy or any complaints, comments, concerns or feedback can be sent to