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We believe that each person has the power to overcome all of needs and challenges in life, to live a life of value, and become a positive influence our society and the world. I hope our faith motivates users to use our unique Play and Win Contest @ Canbmine.com. Now playing games can bring us gret fortune for a very less price.

The idea of play to win is fun and excitement that makes canbmine unique and stand out from other eCommerce competitors. People are the most important milestones in setting up this company. Winner takes a great deal and others get caashback store credits. Its really great fun to play and win all that we need!

  • Every product in the store has a contest price set.
  • Every contest is among a group of people for eg. 5, 10, 25 or 50 members.
  • Users pay the contest amount to be a part of the group to win that product among others.
  • You can play your puzzle as soon as you join the contest.
  • You will be given two different puzzles to score in your best possible time.
  • Your best score out of your 2 puzzle games will be taken into consideration.
  • You win this product contest if your solving time is faster than the others.
  • You can play your puzzle as soon as you join the contest or Until the contest is open you can play from your dashboard/MyContest.
  • If you fail to play the puzzle you are not eligible to win the contest Menu
  • At all times the members of the contest can see who the other members are to make sure there is 100% transparency and trust towards canbmine.com
  • The winner will be rewarded with the product he won with no additional charges.
  • If you dont win your cashback credits will be based on the contest scheme you joined.
  • Using credits, you can buy products you like from our buy store using credits
  • https://www.canbmine.com/store- product-view.html.


CANBMINE Pvt Ltd as the name refers "Anything can be mine". The main goal is to make our needs achievable through groups and participation by creating an excitement factor through winning in our day to day life. A new way of acheiving our needs.


Our milestone is to benefit every individual citizen who willingly participates and believes that being there for each other helps “One for all! All for one”. Anything can be easily achieved when group of people form together for a common cause or need. People are the important milestones in setting up this company and the idea is to make our people achieve greater needs in a simple way.


what we can all admit to is that we have always wished it was easier to afford any items we see or like but thats not the case in reality, So break the barrier and start taking home stuffs by winning them here @ CAN`B`MINE.


Riyaz Ahamed
Managing Director

Almas Begum
Vendor Management

Mangal Chand
Finance Management

Aravind Reddy
Facility management

UI and Design

Legal Assistance

Sabeeha Naaz
Human Resource

Parikh Karthik
Digital Marketing

Aktheer Ilyas
Campaign Organizer

Ashiq Rahman
Inventory Management

Venkatesh Prasad

Technical Support