These Terms and Conditions (hereafter the "T&C" or "Agreement”) contain important information explaining your rights to access and use the Internet related, mobile and/or other computing platforms and products/services of Canbmine Private Limited made available through the website and usable by you ("as a Contestant").

Please read these Definitions, T&C carefully before using the Website, its related platforms or any other products/services of the Provider. If you do not agree with any provision of these T&C, you must not use the Website, and its related platforms and/or any other products/services of the Provider. By continuing to use the Website and its related platforms and/or any other products/services of the Provider after reading the T&C you confirm your agreement and acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.


" Tasks”: Refers to the qualifying questions which need to be answered to be eligible to participate in the Contest

" Contest”: The entire process including all elements, rounds, tasks, activities, Grand Finale that are being governed by the Rules and Regulations as mentioned below from the time of advertising / registration till disbursement of prize to the identified Winner.

  • The products are listed in groups for the Contestants to participate. Each group may vary in numbers.
  • They may contain 5, 10, 25 and 50 Contestants in a single group based on the pricing of the deals.
  • Join the Product contest you like by paying the content money.
  • You can play your puzzle as soon as you join the contest.
  • You will be given two different puzzles to score in your best possible time.
  • Your best score out of your 2 puzzle games will be taken into consideration.
  • You win this product contest if your solving time is faster than the others.
  • You can play your puzzle as soon as you join the contest or
  • Until the contest is open you can play from your dashboard/MyContest.
  • If you fail to play the puzzle you are not eligible to win the contest.
  • Your cashback credits will be based on the contest scheme you joined.
  • Using credits, you can buy products you like from our buy store using credits Menu
  • product-view.html
  • Contest closes as soon as all members join
  • Any request for cancellation of your participation in the contests will not be entertained once participated.
  • Specific colors, models, variants and features of the guaranteed product winning contest are subject to change depending on availability of the stock with the manufacturer. In case of unavailability of stock, you will be informed about it & will be given similar valued alternate products.
  • The Products may be covered by a guarantee/warranty as per the manufacturer of the product. Any warranty/guarantee claims will need to be taken up directly with the manufacturer, Canbmine Private Limited.
  • Canbmine Pvt. Ltd Shall not is liable for any claims made on this account and shall not replace any products etc.
  • The names of winners once finalized shall not be eliminated from the subsequent contests participated by him/her.
  • You hereby agree and understand that the maximum liability of Canbmine would be to return your Lost Deal amount with deducted service charges.
  • Winners cannot claim cash in exchange of any of the products won by them.
  • The draw for the Mega Bumper contest will take place at the end of the offer period
  • Winners of the contest will be informed in the winner’s section of website and will also be individually contacted through mail and message and also be updated in his/her Dashboard.
  • The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes.
  • Employees (and/relatives) of Canbmine Limited, its divisions and associate companies, sponsors and their relatives are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  • If you are interested to participate without subscribing, please make sure to unsubscribe in your dashboard/settings.
  • Games include a description of the rules for the game. By participating in any of the games you agree you are familiar with the rules of that game and Cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding on your part.
  • This offer is based on stock availability. Rates & offer valid in India only.

"Participants”: All members paying for a contest to win prizes or products, Participants can either win or win back store credits for the contest money spent by them.

"Registrant(s)”: Any person(s) who registers for the Contest and who

  • Is above eighteen (18) years of age
  • Is a citizen of India residing in India.

"Contestant”: The Registrant(s) who has registered himself on the site and is performing the tasks to be eligible for the Participation. Any person(s) who registers and completes the tasks and who is above eighteen (18) years of age. Is a citizen of India residing in India and (iii) enters the Contest in accordance with the Rules & Regulations stated below.

"Selection Process”: The winner shall be selected after the Contest group is filled with desired number of members required. Groups/Contest/Offer shall be as follows

Groups/Contest/Offer 01: Five (05) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.

Groups/Contest/Offer 02: Ten (10) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.

Groups/Contest/Offer 03: Twenty-Five (25) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.

Groups/Contest/Offer 04: Fifty (50) members required to participate and one (1) will be the winner.

Similarly, Groups/Contest/Offer will range in different number of people required. Once the group is filled, You can play your puzzle as soon as you join the contest. You will be given two different puzzles to score in your best possible time. Your best score out of your 2 puzzle games will be taken into consideration. You win this product contest if your solving time is faster than the others. You can play your puzzle as soon as you join the contest or Until the contest is open you can play from your dashboard/MyContest. If you fail to play the puzzle you are not eligible to win the contest. Your cashback credits will be based on the contest scheme you joined. Using credits, you can buy products you like from our buy store using credits Menu product-view.html.

At all times the members of the contest can see who the other members are to make sure there is 100% transparency and trust towards

Future implementation "Vote to finish”: Means that part of the Winner selection where members vote each other apart from voting themselves, the winner is selected either with higher votes or even lower votes, before each contest it will be revealed. Members getting voted will not be able to see how many votes they have received by others. This is to ensure fair play an avoid Contestants not voting to Contestants who have chances to win.

"Redemption of Points”: The Contestant can redeem the points earned through the Contest as cashback or referral bonus in the following two ways:

To redeem, visit

These points can be used up to a period of 1 year from date of issue. Points, once redeemed, will reflect on Contestant’s account dashboard, Store credit Points can only be used to purchase from Contestant Dashboard Store made on Once redeemed against the products, the points cannot be refunded to the Contestants account.

"Company”: CANBMINE India Private Limited and/or its affiliates, the organizers of the Contest.

"Rules and Regulations”: These Rules and Regulations governing the Contest, stated herein in entirety, as may be amended from time to time.

"Winner”: The Contestant who wins the prize or product.

By registering in any of the above manners and participating in the Contest, participants acknowledge that they have agreed to be bound by these Rules and Regulations.

The Contest is open to adult citizens of India, i.e. only those Indian citizens who are at least 18 years of age as of date of registration. The citizen should also be of sound health and mind. Persons must enter the Contest on their own behalf. Entries by proxy will not be accepted, even on behalf of family members. Persons below the age of eighteen (18) years are required to seek permission or consent from their parents or legal guardians before furnishing data, participating or entering on the website or inter alia, in the contest.

Employees of the Company, advertising agency, auditors, Company’s contractors whom have been appointed from time to time, and also employees of the sponsors; and their respective families; persons other than Indian nationals, or Indian nationals living out of India, or those who do not qualify under the definition of resident of India as per the Income Tax Act, 1961 and other prevailing laws of India, are ineligible to enter the Contest(s). Failure to provide proof or affidavit of eligibility, including the proof of name, address and correct date of birth within a reasonable time upon request by the /Company may result in disqualification. The Company also reserves the right to disqualify a Contestant in case a discrepancy is found to exist in the information furnished/provided/stated by the Contestant during the conversation with the /Company or any of the Company’s sub-contractors and vendors in the Contest, and/or in the information stated in the documents furnished by the Contestant.

The Contestant(s) shall undertake, warrant and guarantee to the Company that the Contestant has the full legal capacity, sound mind and should not be involved in any criminal offence to participate in the Contest in accordance with these Rules & Regulations.

The Contestant(s) acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen to participate in the Contest at his / her free will and is willing to bear all risk, costs and consequences arising from such participation in the Contest. It is a condition of entry and participation in the Contest that the Contestant(s) has not entered into any contractual, commercial, sponsorship agreement (including but not limited to recording, performing and/or merchandising contracts) or other arrangement for example with a management company or an individual to act as the Contestant’s manager in respect of his/her performing abilities or the products thereof or in respect of his/her name, likeness, image or biography which might be in breach of the Rules & Regulations or otherwise prevent the Contestant(s) from participating in the Contest or the broadcast, promotion, exploitation or sponsorship thereof.

By entering the Contest, you consent to being placed on a Mailing/SMS list for promotional and other information of Canbmine website. Further, it is assumed that the contestant has provided us with permission to send SMSs to or call him / her, whether or not such sender is registered on the National Do Not Call registry.

The Contestant(s) acknowledges that his/her right to participate in the Contest shall constitute good and valid consideration, binding him/her by the terms of these Rules & Regulations. However, participation in the Contest shall in no way guarantee a right to a prize. All final award decisions shall be at the discretion of the Company by its process.

The Contestant is required to furnish necessary supporting documentation as proof of age, address, name, photo identity and nationality i.e. one original and attested photocopies of either:

  • Passport / Driving license or
  • PAN Card along with birth certificate and ration card or
  • Voter identity card with birth certificate
  • UIDAI / Aadhar Card. Company may, at its discretion contact the Registrant(s) and/or Contestant(s), if required, for any clarifications needed for the information provided during the registration.

In case the Company is unable to reach the registered Contestant(s) on the coordinates provided by him / her, the registration entry will be deemed as invalid after a period of 30 Days.

Company shall not be liable for any failure of any technology / server / system / internet, or any corrupt data / information / incomplete registrations submitted by Registrant(s).

Post registration, the Registrant(s) will not be permitted to modify / alter / change any details / answers or proofs submitted. Only the registrations received as per the defined timelines will be considered valid.

The Company shall endeavor to make all reasonably practicable arrangements to minimize system difficulties and website downtime, ensure uptime of systems, back-up of data, telephone system capacity, and prevent other technical impediments, but cannot provide any guarantee in respect thereof as these are dependent on external utilities/ service providers. Company and its sub-contractors are not responsible for delayed receipt or non-receipt or incomplete receipt or corrupt receipt of Registrations.

The Company accepts no liability and shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the Contestant(s) are unable to participate in the Contest due to failure on the part of the internet service provider, telecom operator, facility provider, etc., or due to capacity constraints.

By using the hash tag #canbmine or #canbemine in any communication, you are authorizing Canbmine Private Limited India to send you tweet reminders every time a new task goes live.

The Company shall not be liable nor responsible for any damages, losses, costs, expenses, or otherwise suffered by any of the Contestant(s) in the event that the Company is not able to permit the Contestant(s) to take part in the Contest.

The Contestant(s) understand that their selection could also be based on a randomizer and selection policy with voting methodology. The Company reserves the right to increase or decrease the ratio of Contestants in each round of the Contest (i.e. increase or decrease the number of Contestant(s) who can participate in the Contest, without any prior intimation to the Contestant(s) and/or the public).

Canbmine Private Limited reserves the right to terminate, extend or change any offers or any part thereof at any time. The Company will not entertain and permit the Contestant(s) or any of their representatives to check / audit / challenge the logic of the randomizer or selection software. The Company reserves the right to classify the Contestant(s) in such gr++id that it deems appropriate.

In the event that there is a tie between two (or more) Contestant(s), the Company shall be entitled to determine in its absolute discretion by doing a random selection which Contestant(s) is eliminated and/or which Contestant(s) wins. No enquiries, appeals, verbal or written, shall be entertained in this regard. Company will be obliged to notify unsuccessful Contestants by mail and message about the contest’s successful winner, if they are among the same contest.

All attempts will be made to protect registration data from loss and corruption, but in the event such data loss happens, and because of the intricate timelines of the Contestant selection process, Company may have to continue with whatever data is available, or in any other manner as it may deem reasonable.

The Winner(s) of the Contest agrees that he/she shall make himself/herself available from time to time and co-operate with the Company and participate in any promotional activity and/or campaign ("Promotional Activity”) of any nature whatsoever without any money payable to the Winner(s). Further, the Winner(s)/Contestant(s) shall at no point of time refuse or disagree to participate in any such Promotional Activity for any reason whatsoever if required by the Company. The Winner(s)/Contestant(s) agrees that the footage of any nature shall vest with the Company, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights and any other rights for worldwide and in perpetuity.

Acceptance of these Rules and Regulations by the Registrants / Contestants constitutes permission for the Company its affiliates to click photographs, record videos of the Contestant(s) and use the Contestant(s) name, photographs, likeness, voice and comments for advertising and promotional purposes in any media worldwide for purposes of advertising and trade without any additional compensation whatsoever.

Any and all taxes and/or levies applicable on the prize money won by the Contestant(s), under the laws of India shall be borne by the Contestant(s) in relation to the prize. Payment of prize money to the Winner(s) shall be after deduction of all applicable taxes and levies and subject to providing the relevant documents as intimated by the Company and will be paid within the time period stipulated by the Company. A duly attested copy of the PAN card is compulsory to claim the prize money by the Winner.

The Company may refuse to pay winnings or reclaim all sums paid to Contestant(s) in the event of his/her fraud, dishonesty or non-entitlement to participate in the Contest under these Rules & Regulations.

Registration to the Contest does not guarantee the selection of the Registrant(s) to proceed with the Contest. Registration also does not entitle any Contestant(s) to a prize or award.

If Contestant(s) are unclear as to the Rules & Regulations of participation, he/she shall send an email to The Company shall make reasonable endeavors to respond thereto. The above shall not, however, be a ground for extension of time / deadlines as specified herein.

You may possess only one (1) account per person, Opening multiple accounts may lead to misuse the free credit points given to the new Contestants by Canbmine, utilizing the free offers by the same person with multiple accounts will lead to your accounts being terminated.

You are entirely responsible for keeping your Contestant name and password confidential. You must not share your login details with anyone or allow anyone to access your account and you are exclusively responsible for all activities on your account. Any unauthorized access due to your own negligence is only your own responsibility. All outcomes from the account will be only your responsibility. Should you become aware that your Contestant name/password has been compromised and your account is accessed, then you must notify Canbmine Private Limited, Immediately or change your access password immediately.

You understand that the store credits in your Contestant account held by you at do not carry any interest or encashment. It can be used to purchase products from the Contestant dashboard store only.

You are prohibited from misusing the personal data of the participants on the website. In the event of such violation, your participation in games will be deemed to be in breach of the Terms and you will not be entitled to receive any prize that you might win in such games.

You shall not hold responsible for not being able to participate in any contest for which you may be eligible to participate. This includes, but is not limited to situations where you are unable to log into your Contestant account as your Contestant account may be pending validation, network issues or any other reasons.

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the applicable by laws of India, and more particularly for the information of the Contestant, the contest which is held in the website is specifically mentioned as games of skill, irrespective of whether they are played for money or not, which definition is held in a judgement of the Supreme court as "The expression 'gaming' in the two Acts has to be interpreted in the light of the law laid-down by this Court in the two 1957 cases, wherein it has been authoritatively held that a competition which substantially depends on skill is not gambling. Gaming is the act or practice of gambling on a game of chance. It is staking on chance where chance is the controlling factor. 'Gaming' in the two acts would, therefore, mean wagering or betting on games of chance. It would not include games of skill like horse racing" Further, the Public Gambling Act, which is the central law on gambling and most subsequent state laws on the subject substantially state that "nothing in this Act shall apply to games of mere skill wherever played".

Use of ‘bots’ or any other software not from is strictly prohibited. Manipulation or modification of the Site, games or any software is strictly prohibited. If it is found that you have utilized any other software or ‘bots’, your account will be closed immediately, and all balances will become void.

Canbmine Private Limited is not liable for any lag, downtime, server disruptions, or any technical disturbance to game play.

Any winnings or credits derived from a game malfunctions, errors or otherwise credited incorrectly in any way will be removed upon Canbmine Private Limited becoming aware of the error. You must notify Canbmine Private Limited of any error. Any such funds sent as a withdrawal will be considered a debt to Canbmine Private Limited and Canbmine Private Limited may take action to retrieve them including but not limited to confiscating future deposits and balances and voiding pending withdrawals.

This authorizes Canbmine to communicate about its products & promotions through mail/phone/printed material/e-mail etc.

This authorization is irrespective of my instruction elsewhere of not to be contacted or informed over mail/phone/ printed material/e-mail etc. Entrants into the Prize Draw shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions


The security and privacy of your personal information is very important to us. We respect your right to secure online shopping and make it our priority to keep your information safe

If there is any discrepancy between the gaming results on your computer and the results on the game server for the games, the results on the game server for the games shall be final and binding. If there is any discrepancy between your on-screen display and server with respect to balance in your account, the balance held on server is deemed to be the balance in your account and this determination shall be final and binding. You will forfeit any amounts shown to be in your account that result from human error, technical default or fraud by you.

You may face Service disruptions, including, but not limited to disconnection or communication interference's due to issues in the internet infrastructure used for providing or accessing the Services or due to issues with the hardware and software used by you. You understand that Canbmine Private Limited has no control over these factors. Canbmine Private Limited shall not be responsible for any interruption in Services and you take full responsibility for any risk of loss due to Service interruptions for any such reason.

You understand, acknowledge and agree to the fact that if you are unable to play in any game due to any error or omission attributable to, including technical or other glitches at our end, the settlement of such games. It is clarified that disclaims any liability in the case of games where there is no money paid by you.


Canbmine Private Limited will not be responsible for postal delays, product damage, transit losses or mutilation of the subscription form. Shipping cost for returning the product shall be borne and incurred by the Seller.

Potential disputes that can be faced by the Contestants during shipping of products.

  • Wrong item received
  • Item is not as described
  • Damaged or Seal broken on Product
  • Part/Accessory missing
  • Item not Compatible
  • Seller Description/Specification Wrong
  • Defective (Functional issues)
  • Product not working and Manufacturer claims invalid Invoice
  • Sometimes, delivery of the products might take longer than the estimated date due to
  • Bad weather
  • Flight delays
  • Political disruptions
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

If a Contestant wishes to get delivery to different addresses, then the Contestant shall be required to purchase the Products and then provide separate delivery addresses for each transaction, as may be required. The Contestant agrees that the delivery can be made to the person who is present at the shipping address provided by the Contestant. For further details, please contact our Customer Care Department/Subscription Department - Canbmine Pvt. Ltd, Chennai-600024, Tamil Nadu. E-mail:


The Company is in no manner whatsoever responsible and/or shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any Store credit of the Contestant(s) and/or the Winner (s) in any manner not used to redeem from store. The Company or any of its affiliates will not be liable for any loss of earnings, employment or otherwise caused to the Contestant(s) and arising as a result of his/her participation in the Contest held by



Trademarks: Canbmine are protected by various intellectual property laws including copyright and trademark. Any unauthorized use of Canbmine intellectual property is strictly prohibited.

Entire Agreement: These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, promise, representation, assurance or warranty made or given by or on behalf of Infinite Wings which is not set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Variations: We may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we made, as they are binding on you.

Severability: If any of these Terms and Conditions are determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Waiver: If we fail to insist upon strict performance of any of your obligations under any of these Terms and Conditions, or if we fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which we are entitled, this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve you from compliance with such obligations. A waiver by us of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws applicable in the India, and more particularly the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Chennai. Any dispute between the Contestant and the Company would be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation act 1996 and the same should be resolved by appointment of a Sole Arbitrator by the Company and the decision of the Arbitrator is final and binding.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions: We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. These Terms and Conditions were most recently updated on ______________. Every time you order a service from us, the terms and conditions in force at the time of your order will apply to the contract between you and us.


Any questions or clarifications with respect to this Policy or any complaints, comments, concerns or feedback can be sent to